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Ink Cloud Product Features

Ink Cloud software-as-a-service MIS platform is an end-to-end solution that powers print brokers, print retailers and large commercial printers. Inkcloud’s platform reduces friction, increases efficiency while providing substantial cost savings unlike its outdated competitors. Developed by enterprise software and print business experts over the past 5 years, Inkcloud’s products address modern day print business needs. Key features and modules are described below.


Built for print from the ground up. Flexible and customizable. Versatile enough to power trade, retail, brokers, and niche Powerful, fully-themable print store fronts with built-in cart, credit card processing, shipping rates and address validation. Perfect for print brokers and printers who want to run their own stores.

Customer & Order Module

The Customer Relationship Management and order module allows for completely flexability with order builder as well as custom order approval rules. In addition you can model and capture print orders with flexible attributes and add-ons. For sales, multiple sales people can be added and managed to separate commissions.

Managed Artwork

Artwork is attached to the job and can be downloaded, reset, or reuploaded through your dashboard. Automatic thumbnailing gives you visuals of each job within seconds of upload with print-ready PDF rendering. Files are retained in cloud storage for retrieval, reprints, or forensics. You no longer need to worry about artwork storage and backup.

Product Mgt Module

Create custom product categories with unlimited attributes or upload a default list to begin. Add on-demand, stock or other variant type products in a snap. Use the detailed filter to select products to edit pricing. Or use the mass updater allows updates to prices based on percentages, turn around time, etc for all or select products.

Accounting Module

Invoicing with ‘Tax Cloud’ integration allows for exact sales tax rates. In addition, Ink Cloud can be synced with accounting software for Quickbooks & Xero. Tax exemption management is also available.

Production Module

Flow your job data and artwork through preflight checks, automated imposition, and business rules to assign a job to the appropriate press. Inject impositions directly into your digital press queue. And manage and route your production flow through business rules.

Inventory & Warehousing

The Ink Cloud inventory-focused warehouse management system module is designed to ensure you always have accurate cycle counts but also can predict when you’ll need to re-order. The easy to set-up inventory tracking features include period inventory snapshots, multiple warehouses as well automatic replenishment.


Ship consoles including real-time rates integration with UPS, FedEX and USPS. Purchase and print carrier labels. In addition you can set up pick up locations with addresses and define pickup times and setup rules for combined shipping logic, blind shipping behavior and more.


Secure B2B dedicated site built to enable your company’s team to procure your own marketing collateral fulfillment through their print partner. Lightweight extensions of your instance perfect for internal corporate portals, speciality sites, etc. Can be part of Ink Cloud’s ERP platform or stand alone for print brokers

Reports Module

Fully customizable reports including, Sales reports, Shipping orders reports Customer sales/growth reports, Inventory - movements, locations, ledger, backorder, Fulfillment, Sales Tax and payments reports.

Business Mgt

Full Business Management including branding, content management, SEO, localization, roles & Permissions, custom alerts, unique dashboard URLs.

Professional Services

Custom website design is available as an option for storefronts and microsites. Data entry (database imports) can be done as an additional service as well. In addition for enterprise clients, professional services are available for further platform optimization.

Procurement - RFQs

The procurement module allows fully automating quoting from selected vendors on custom products. Send out RFQs to vendors for all or part of an order. Once selected, the RFQ will be converted into a purchase order.


API integrations through InkCloud’s developer portal where approved developers can go to access InkCloud’s APIs


Connect InkCloud to vendors (suppliers) through InkCloud’s vendor Dashbaord. This is a minial view if the Dashbaord where a vendor only sees their RFQ’s and orders.

Storefronts for Brokers and Fulfillment

Powerful, fully-themable print store fronts with built-in cart, credit card processing, shipping rates and address validation







Ink Cloud Benefits


Ink Cloud’s platform reduces friction, increases efficiency while providing substantial cost savings unlike its outdated competitors.

By far, the most flexible print MIS platform avaialble. Developed by print experts who understand the dynamic needs of print companies.

Greater than 60% cost savings over alternative end-to-end MIS print platforms. Minimal setup costs and tiered pricing levels based on company needs.

End-to-end without friction from fulfillment to shipment or order to printing. Numerous integrations including print solutions, tax management, accounting and marketing make Ink Cloud easy to integrate with the rest of your business.

Developed by print experts over the past 5 years, Ink Cloud’s products address modern day print enterprise needs

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